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Dear Larry

Posted on: February 4, 2011 12:14 pm
If the news today that Larry Drew II is going to transfer from Carolina is true, then there are a few things that I'd like to say to him.  One of which is goodbye, and good luck.  I hope your career somewhere else goes much better than at Carolina, where you routinely trainwrecked anything we did on offense by turning the ball over, or worse, by shooting.  You are the most over-rated recruit we've signed since Jason Capel, and at least Capel played his four years, kept his mouth shut, and earned a spot in the Carolina Family.  You are the worst point guard that Carolina started in my lifetime, in 30 years.
Not long ago, a freshman point guard came in on a team loaded with freshman, on a pretty good recruiting class and was asked to carry the impossibly heavy load of starting every game at the position in the ACC.  What he didn't realize is that the following season he would not be given the opportunity to start at the position again.  I know, you're so selfish and accustomed to being the center of attention that you think I'm referring to you.  I'm talking about Bobby Frasor.  A guy who carried us to the NCAA tournament as a freshman, and who later lost his starting role to Ty Lawson.  Frasor played 4 great seasons at Carolina, he kept his mouth shut, he didn't go all "diva" on the fans, he came off the bench and assumed his role as a leader, and worked his butt off.  That's who I wanted you to be.  You have more potential than Bobby Frasor, but your head is screwed on completely wrong.  This team is winning, playing the best basketball we've played in 2 years, and you want to transfer?  Even you are playing well off the bench during our recent run, and all the sudden you want to transfer?  Even if you played the rest of the year, you would have to sit out next year as a transfer, but you want to quit on your teammates in the middle of the season.  If you're even thinking about it, then you don't have the heart to play for Carolina.
Carolina fans are spoiled?  Coming from you?  I never played a day in the NBA, but I'll tell you one thing that I'm absolutely certain of.  Your daddy didn't make it to the league by showing up at college and expecting everyone to give it to him because he was related to someone who made it.  You think you should start?  What have you ever done to earn it?  You can't shoot, and if I invented a machine that didn't do anything but throw the ball out of bounds I would measure it's performance against you!  This year I watched you run the ball to the wing during a break, stop, pick up your dribble, and plant your feet.  Instead of moving the ball and starting our secondary break, or passing to the trailing center to then start our offense, you stood straight up with your feet planted and faked a pass that involved moving both of your feet.  When the ref called traveling, you looked so stunned.....and I'm spoiled?  Someone told you one day that you were a good basketball player, and the most tragic thing about that is that you believed it.  I have never seen someone earn a traveling violation wide open on the wing faking a pass.  That's when I knew you were special, that regardless of the situation, whether you were open or covered, against any kind of defense, you are a human turnover.  A personification of the turnover, really, more like a turnover that hasn't happen yet, you are destined to give games away.  I've struggled for two years watching you perfect your technique, whether you're throwing the ball to the coaching staff out of bounds or hitting the scores table, running before you dribble after pump faking the worst shot in the ACC, throwing a pass right at the chest of an opposing player fronting the low post, or just trying to do something that you can't do, I've marveled at your ability to ruin Carolina basketball games for me.  Recently you found a new way to perplex the entire country by displaying your mid-to-long range jump shot.  Is it a turnover or a rebound?  Surely a rebound, although the question is raised by the stunning probability that it will never hit the rim.
This team is headed in the right direction, and we don't need some pampered asshole to get where we want to be.  People are going to say I'm bitter, that I never saw all the work you put in, or I don't know you.  Larry, buddy, it's best you move on.  The fact is I've never seen any evidence that you worked at anything other than advertising yourself.  If you thought putting your daddy's name on the back of a jersey that reads "Carolina" across the front is going to get you to the NBA, then you're better off dominating in your backyard than playing college basketball.  If you were any kind of man, you would accept that you can contribute far more to this team by coming off the bench this season and running our offense.  Tyler Zeller has taken less touches, less points, but he still draws charges, hustles like a maniac, plays defense and hits the boards.  If you don't want to look at a player like Bobby Frasor and admire his accomplishes, then look no further than one of the most talented upperclassmen on your own team.  Good luck somewhere else.
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